GaIn – Truth or Dare MV

GaIn’s third mini-album (or EP, as you may call it) is already available on iTunes, and she has been promoting it with the release of the expletive song Fxxk U [MV], as well as the “behind the scenes” shots of her [1Truth or Dare mockumentary styled music video and an interview she did with Taiwanese idol Show Luo who also briefly appears in the new music video to pay back the appearance in Luo’s own Fantasy [MV].

In the video, GaIn plays on the pop idol rumor stereotype with people close to her — including: Brown Eyed Girls bandmates, label pal IU, ex-Just Got Married pal Jo Kwon, and producers Yoon Jong Shin and Lee Min Soo — talking behind her back. A few funny golden nuggets in between all that talk. Narsha, you funny lady.

The song, some people say it sounds a bit like Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines [MV]- I guess the falsetto hook in the chorus does sound a bit like it totally. Instrumentalization is completely different though.

-EDIT Feb09’14-

Performance version uploaded.


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