G-Dragon – Michi Go

Sometimes I don’t really care much about G-Dragon, but a part of me always watches his music videos. Whoever the heck directs them, because honestly Kpop — especially S.M and YG — you make my life a living hell.

Maybe it’s Seo Hyun Seung. Who the heck knows.

Doesn’t really matter what the song sounds like, at times, I just need to end up with a WTF face. First, in One of a Kind [MV] he had the yellow duck dreadlocks with a baby tiger. Then, in Crayon [MV], it wasn’t only that there’s a Wonder Woman robe, a Joker reference, and enough colors and flashes to give you a seizure — no, to top it all off, there’s a woman in a tight dress that is revealed to be G-Dragon.

In that sense, G-Dragon’s latest — called Michi Go (미치GO, or Crazy GO if you’d like) — doesn’t disappoint. It was unveiled during G-Dragon’s One of a Kind Tour concert in Seoul in March, and later released as a digital single through a mobile application called LINE. The song proved to be so popular, they decided to launch the video.

At the moment of posting, I do not see an iTunes download available, so you’ll have to rely on your google skills.

The video features Big Bang pal Taeyang, as well as labelmate Seven and 2NE1’s mastermind Teddy, all while G-Dragon shows up with giant feet, different hair styles (including an afro and a mushroom cut), and a giant magenta elephant head, which he uses to sit on at a later shot and… the elephant’s nose usage is… well, there. He humps a urinal and gets spanked. If the Korean Content Police didn’t notice all of this, with all these description [1], they certainly know about them now!

Just like when China decided to ban I Want it that Way [MV] by the BackStreet Boys shortly after this Chinese version popped up. xD


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  1. Camiele says:

    I don’t care what ANYONE says… I. LOVE. THIS. VIDEO!!!

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