Foxtails Brigade – Pan-Asian Delight

It is my delight to introduce the newest single from California-based band Foxtails Brigade. Pan-Asian Delight is a haunting tune about the frailty and emotional stability of a woman waiting for her lover to return to her. The content, simple though it may be, is underscored with poetically rich lyrics that give depth and meaning to the common trope.

The video, however, is anything but simple, super-imposing lead singer, composer and founder Laura Weinbach with classic Civil War-era photos. Each still depicts a piece of history, but given the grave nature of the lyrics and the mourning mewl of violinist Anton Patzner’s performance the images take on more melancholy tone, creating something of a painful tear in the heart of our video’s protagonist.

Directed by the Perez Brothers, they created in the hopes that people get a sense of oneness from the images and understand the depth of the lead character’s story, as well as the power behind the images themselves.

Pan-Asian Delight comes from Foxtails Brigade’s latest album The Bread and Bait, which you can purchase on iTunes. You can also follow the band at their website, Facebook, Twitter, and find their latest videos on their YouTube channel.

To learn more about the Perez Brothers, visit their website.


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