F.I.R. – Chapter VI Atlantis

F.I.R. (飛兒樂團/飞儿乐团) releases its new single Chapter VI Atlantis (第六章 亞特蘭提斯) from their upcoming sixth album Atlantis (亞特蘭提斯), set to launch on April 15th.

After nearly a year and a half since Let’s Smile (讓我們一起微笑吧), vocalist Faye Chan, keyboardist/producer Ian Chen, and guitarist Real Huang are back with an album that seems to have hints of fantastical and medieval tones.

You can pre-order the limited special edition in YesAsia.com


Added the music video.

Directed by Bounce.

There are apparently two versions of the video available [1][2].

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  1. ghost says:

    There’s a lot of people that like F.I.R – they’re pretty good, not amazingly awesome, but pretty good. They’re success definitely shows the pop/rock vibe that dominates a big chunk of the Taiwan commercial music market.

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