Faye Wong – The Breeze Blows Gently

So… I’m getting all these mixed signals about the upcoming comedy Lost in Hong Kong (港囧), which follows the mega success of Lost in Thailand (人再囧途之泰囧)- as customary with Chinese comedies that involve adventures… I’m expecting crazy things to happen when our protagonist Xu Lai (Xu Zheng) goes to Hong Kong with his dorky-looking wife (Zhao Wei) and his brother-in-law (Bao Bei’er), as he tries to meet up with an old flame (Du Juan) and gets involved in a murder investigation.

So what’s all this poetic feelings with the theme song by Faye Wong?

The song titled The Breeze Blows Gently (清风徐来, Qing Feng Xu Lai, which can also be translated to Xu Lai the Breeze [1]) was written and composed by Zhao Yingjun (赵英俊) with the title inspired by a 1082 poem by Su Shi. Many of the verses are in four-characters, so we’re all going to have to work on that translation~ At the moment, I’m enjoying this verse: 《铭心刻骨》 which reads as “engraved in one’s heart and carved in one’s bones,” meaning “Gratitude.

The more Chinese you know~

The music video is run of the mill cut-and-paste movie montage, which might spoil the movie… but the song is class.

Lost in Hong Kong opens September 25th in China and other friendly Chinese diaspora cities, including Canada and the US with limited runs.


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