Faye Wong – In Honor of our Youth

Actress Zhao Wei took a filmmaking course, and she’s doing her Masters thesis like any other student would. Except she got a bunch of popular people to star in her film — including actor Mark Chao (Ai Love, Monga) and ex-SuJu and now popular Mandopop idol Han Geng in it.

But not only that! She gets Faye Wong to sing the main song for her film. Forget directing, Zhao Wei you’d be an excellent producer. It’s not only that Faye Wong hasn’t released an album since… 2003 (that’s 10 sad years, people!). She’s only done one song for Confucius titled Virtues of the Silent Orchid [MV], a rendition of Legend (传奇) [1], a few couple of concerts in 2011, and the release of Wish (愿) [1] last year which topped my list of favorite tracks.

The song is titled In Honor of our Youth (致青春). I’m taking the liberty to call it that, but feel free to give me a better translation because I don’t feel the English titled of Zhao Wei’s movie, So Young (致青春), is fitting enough for Faye Wong. LOL The film’s complete title translates to something like “in honor of our youth which will eventually be lost” (致我们终将逝去的青春).

You can check more info on the movie on Cfensi.

The promotion material, especially this music video, makes it seem like Zhao’s filmmaking debut will be similar to films like You Are the Apple of my Eye or maybe Gf*Bf. At least visually similar.

— EDIT May 27th —

I ran into an AWESOME translation of the song, courtesy of In my Melody.


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  1. Ke Rensi says:

    Haha I just ran into this post. Glad you liked my translation. Great blog!

  1. April 19, 2013

    […] course this comes after her mom’s latest release that has already shot up to my favorite tracks this year, and I doubt any other track will snatch […]

  2. November 5, 2014

    […] who grow apart overtime. Faye Wong, who’s been in charge of a couple movie themes lately [1][2], is also in charge of this song, which has all the elements that fans loved of In Honor of […]

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