EXO – Love Me Right (Korean and Chinese Versions)

EXO are back with Love Me Right, the lead single of their repackaged EXODUS album (aka trying to fight Big Bang on the music charts). As per EXO tradition, both Korean and Chinese versions of the song were released at the same time.

Korean version:

The music video is a little all over the place for my taste (I don’t get the thing with them being dressed as football players or them playing in a lab), but the song definitely isn’t. This song is very different from the EXO sound of heavy brass and powerful beats yet still keeping some of EXO style they have become famous for (school uniforms, youth, rebels). I feel it fits pretty well with their previous single Call Me Baby [MV] and is on par with the evolution of EXO from young teenage boys to young men.

I feel this is a great summer jam, and I can’t wait to see how this single will stand against the newly released Bang Bang Bang (뱅뱅뱅) [MV] by Big Bang.

Chinese version:


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