Ellen Loo – In the Fields

Ellen Loo continues promoting the release of her most recent album, Imperfections (你的完美有點難懂並不代表世界不能包容), with the release of In the Fields (賣空氣的人). It’s probably my favorite track in the album, which you can stream/get on all your favorite places including iTunes, Xiami and KKBox.

The song was written and composed by Loo, and produced by her alongside Jason Choi (蔡德才) and Ho Shan (何山) of People Mountain People Sea (人山人海), with arrangements by them.

Mu (木)/ Electric Guitar / Chorus / Claps / ‘Footstep’ Tambourine: Ellen Loo
Keyboard / Computer Program: Jason Choi
Drums: Stephane S. Wong

I honestly can’t make out who made the video.

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