Ellen Loo – Darling

Hong Kong singer-songwriter Ellen Loo (盧凱彤) has a brand new video out titled Darling (還不夠遠), though the literal translation is more like “not far enough,” which seems to be promoting a brand new album (Loo’s third in Mandarin) called Imperfections (你的完美有點難懂並不代表世界不能包容) [KKBox], but do not take my words for it ;P

The song was written, composed and arranged by Ellen, with production by Jason Choi (蔡德才) of People Mountain People Sea (人山人海).

The music video, which shows Ellen in stylish black and white against simple Chinese calligraphy, was in charge of Dan at Invisible Lab Ltd. [Facebook][Vimeo].

The track also features drums by Stephane S. Wong, and bass by Chochukmo’s Waiting Soul

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