Elle Varner – Refill

The second single from R&B newcomer Elle Varner’s debut Perfectly Imperfect has just been released. The video captures the newness of love, the wide-eyed, inexperience of falling for the first time. Though the song is a bit on the unoriginal side, the video itself is an adorable spin on the “A Star is Born” motif: small-town girl makes it to the big city for the first time (granted, as a cheerleader on her high school squad). As she walks out of her hotel, she’s greeted by the gorgeous NYC skyline… and a gorgeous stranger.

The sweetness of the one night encounter balances the campiness of the lyrics. The two star-crossed sweethearts experience a night of young bliss, complete with skimping on the dinner bill, taking a joyride in somebody else’s BMW, and sneaking into an exclusive club. In the end, Varner’s ne’er-do-well love interest tries to slip her his phone number as she sneaks onto the high school’s trip bus… only for the paper to tear in half as she rolls away.

Directed by Constellation Jones


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