Eli Hsieh – Losing my Ground

Winner of this year’s edition of the Golden Melody Awards (金曲獎) for Best New Artist, Taiwanese singer-songwriter Eli Hsieh (謝震廷) continues promoting his debut album, Progress Reports (查理) [iTunes], with his brand new single Losing my Ground (濕了分寸) in a music video directed by Cheng-lin Ho (何政霖).

Arranged by: Howe Chen (陳君豪), Eli Hsieh, Jay CHeng (程杰)

The release of Losing my Ground follows the Lyrics Video of Roam (走), You Found Me [MV], Innermost Missing (很想很想你) [MV], his most popular song yet, Light (燈光) [MV], and Your Belongings (你的行李) [MV] featuring Winnie Xu (徐靖玟).

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