Eason Chan – Jyun

Sorry, I can’t provide you with a proper translation for this. But Eason Chan has a new music video out, after teasing a couple of days ago [1] with a clip of him being all interpretative skeleton dance [1]… like a combination of Salyu’s Lighthouse [MV] with the last sequence in Robbie Williams’ Rock DJ [MV].

The song titled Jyun (完) — which can mean a number of things from “complete” or “finished” depending on the context used in the song and whether you see the glass half full or half empty — is the third single from his latest album …3mm, which contained singles 80s retro Heavy Flavor (重口味) [MV] and dance retro Swipe Card (碌卡) [MV], which we didn’t post on purpose.

I couldn’t find translations for the song, but here’s the jyutping version of the lyrics.

I can’t make out who the video director is.

Music by: Eric Kwok
Lyrics by: Jackson Lam (林寶)
Produced by: Swing & Eason Chan

There’s a YinYueTai version available.

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