Dream Girls – I’m your Dreamgirl

Well, that was even faster.

Third single for new girl group Dream Girls, who released Weak [MV] and Tears Should Also Be Beautiful [MV] not long ago to promote the release of their debut EP. This time around, they go more dance pop friendly, and begin looking like our concept of what a girl group is.

Musically, it seems they’ve been backed by South Korean hip-hop musician Se-hwan Kim, a.k.a. Rhymer — though in the video he is credited as Sei-hwan Kim — as well as Taiwanese songwriter Linan Lin (林利南), known as the Father of Chinese Lyrics.

The music video is directed by Yi Ren Chen (陳奕仁), whose previous work includes Elva Hsiao’s L.O.V.E [MV] and Sodagreen’s Incomparable Beauty [MV] and Little Love Song [MV].

You can watch a selection of Yi Ren Chen’s music videos over in Tudou or YinYueTai.com

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  1. amy says:

    I gotta admit… I liked “Weak” much much better.

  1. April 9, 2011

    […] finally, another video for Dream Girls (this time I’m Your Dreamgirl) directed me to Yi Ren Chen (陳奕仁), the MV director of such gems such as Incomparable Beauty […]

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