Diana Arbenina – Idi Ko Mne

Oh, wow~ it took nearly 11 months since the release of the behind the scenes footage for the official music video to come out. Diana Arbenina is a Russian singer, part of the Nochniye Snaiperi (Ночные Снайперы, Night Snipers) female duo; her camp had been teasing with a video filled with interpretative dance by Chulpan Khamatova, who was teaming up with her Poor Liza choreographer, Alla Sigalova [1], if I’m not mistaken.

It was released back in mid-October, but I was waiting for an HD version to pop up.

The editing in the video is all messy, and most of the choreography gets chopped off, but you can still sense Khamatova’s intensity through, especially in those beautiful close-ups of her face. That’s what I love about her, her ability to emote.

I don’t have much information on the single, other than it’s titled Idi Ko Mne (ИДИ КО МНЕ), which translates to Come to Me. You can kinda see Khamatova’s character painfully yearning for her lover, who leaves the house, as if she were trapped inside it like an entity.

If anything, I hope it gets you to watch some of Khamatova’s films- I would recommend Luna Papa, The Land of the Deaf, and Tuvalu for all those quirky yous out there.


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