Denise Ho – Infatuation

The second version of Denise Ho’s latest single entitled Infatuation (癡情司) is a simple yet beautifully shot piece featuring Taiwanese actress Shu Qi and Denise Ho — who are nude from their chests up against an ominous black backdrop, as director Yan Yan Mak tells her story.

InfatuationCi Ching Si in jyutping or Cantonese pronunciation — is also the title of a novel by Hong Kong modern author Yi Shu (亦舒, also Yik Sue), which is a modern-day version of the classic Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber [1] — the classic that inspired the latest stage musical for Denise Ho’s album, Awakening, which includes this song.

For more information on Awakening, check our post on Initiate [MV].

A YinYueTai version is also available.

The first version released a month ago was also directed by Yan Yan Mak, and is labeled as the Jia Baoyu Theme Song (賈寶玉主題曲).

It seems like we can spot Taiwanese actress Yi-lan Chao (趙逸嵐), who played Diego on Zero Chou’s Drifting Flowers, in this version of the music video.

There is also a YinYueTai version of this video available.

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  1. amy says:

    I like the simplicity of the Shu Qi version of the video, maybe it’s because Shu Qi is very expressive in this type of projects, like how she’s better in projects like Hou Hsiao-hsien’s Three Times… than, in let’s say Legend of the Fist. LOL

  2. ghost says:

    What happened with that rumor of Shu Qi for a Bond film?

    Also… I saw what you guys posted on Twitter with Shu Qi with the funny PJs and the candy popcorn.

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