Denise Ho – Alcohol and Cigarette

Denise Ho has released the fifth single from her latest album Coexistence (共存), which was released on mid-March this year. Alcohol and Cigarette (酒精和菸), written by Sodagreen’s Wu Tsing-Fong and composed by Hong Kong’s now-popular indie darlings Chochukmo, who are featured on the low-budget clip.

The single follows the release of Faceless People (無臉人)[MV], The Science of Crying [MV], Each Other (彼此) [MV], and The Third Day in Aokigahara (在青木原的第三天) [MV].

Amy had a chance to interview Chochukmo, and the band is prepping for the release of their new full length album, A Tragedy Your Majesty, following their debut The King Has Lost His Pink [Bandcamp] [iTunes].

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