Delta Heavy – Get By

Delta Heavy (also stylized as DELTΔ HEΔVY) is a London-based group formed by Ben Hall and Simon James, who are about to release their album Down the Rabbit Hole on May 28th.

The music video for Get By was directed by Ian Robertson, with illustrations by Annie Ward and visual effects by Matt Cameron. It’s the best use of board games in a music video EVER. Edited to over 3000 photographs from a little over 11000, the music video uses several Rubik’s Cubes, Hungry Hippos, Four in a Line, stacks of Jenga, and other board games in its massacre.

There’s also a Vimeo and YinYueTai version of the video available.

You can watch more behind the scenes of the shoot on Ian Robertson’s website.

Don’t forget to check out Delta Heavy on Facebook and Twitter.

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