David Tao – Just Love (Fubon Charity Foundation Theme)

Taiwanese singer/composer David Tao has released the video for the single titled Just Love (因為愛), composed by him and written by Zho Qi Er (周啟兒) for the annual endorsement of the Fubon Charity (富邦慈善基金会), which was founded in 1988 to help members of society. One of their campaigns, Making Friends with Love (用愛心做朋友), harnesses the good will of the people to help students continue their education.

The music video was directed by Chen Jia Zheng (陳家正).

There’s a YinYueTai version available.

You can visit the Fubon Charity website (only in Chinese), their YouTube channel, and Facebook page for more information. You can also help their cause by donating money online (only in Chinese).

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