David Bowie – Where Are We Now

*sigh* After a decade, David Bowie returns to the music world, giving us one of the most beautiful songs of 2013… one week in. To celebrate his 66th birthday (8 January, the video was released the day before), he releases Where Are We Now, a melancholic song that speaks of life in that romantic sense of forever. It also seems to be telling the story of an experience Bowie had while in Berlin. Quite frankly, it’s one of the most powerful tracks I’ve heard in a long time.

I’ve never really been a fan of lyric videos since INXS did it with Mediate in 1987. However, leave it to David Bowie to put some art and fire behind what he does. Directed by Tony Oursler, the video takes place in what seems to be a deserted antique shop-cum-art studio. We see the hazy grey of a personal video, perhaps from an old projector. Then we see Bowie’s head superimposed on a fuzzy two-headed doll. The other head is a woman, who has been identified as Jacqueline Humphries, Oursler’s wife (apparently, there’s been some noise about people believing the woman to be Bjork…? Okay, people… no). She says nothing throughout, only glances at Bowie from time to time with something of a blank look. At the end of the video, we see Bowie simply standing, staring out into the space before him in contemplation and reflection.

It’s a simple video, but still simmers with that David Bowie flare of surrealist art. His voice has been cracked and thickened with age but still thumps with beauty and power. I’ve got to say, I’m thrilled that he’s released his first album since 2003’s Reality. Though some will be a bit shocked and maybe upset the rocker has left us waiting for ten years, the truth is he’s returned with something understated, mature, and sounding of… perhaps resolution is the best word? It’s a lovely track and a brilliant return for one of my favorite artists.

Bowie’s latest album The Next Day is due for release in March: 8 March in Australia, 11 March everywhere else excluding the US, and the US will get it last on 12 March.

To get more information on Tony Oursler you can visit his website.



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  1. I’ve been a David Bowie fan since I was 2 years old as one of my earliest memories was dancing to “Let’s Dance” when it was on MTV.

    I have a lot of his studio albums and I was so sure that he wasn’t going to do anything until that late night on his birthday and… oh…

    It’s so good to have him back. Finally, he is going to show these young kids how it’s done. 2013 is now looking very promising in terms of what is coming out in the music world.

    • Camiele says:

      @Steven Flores, Indeed! We need somebody to let these kids understand what music is about.

      I first heard David Bowie when I was… I had to be about six or seven…? I heard “Fame”. No, I wasn’t alive when it was first released. I’m of the MTV generation… HaHa. But I was sorta sneaking to watching MTV (wasn’t allowed until I was about 14) and heard this crazy voice come out of nowhere. Been hooked ever since.

      I almost squealed at work when I found out he was releasing a new song… HaHa.

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