DADARAY – Utsukushii Shiuchi

DADARAY — a portmanteau of the words “Dada” as in “dadaism” and “Ray” as in “light” — is a trio born out of the ashes (we’re trying to brush under the carpet [1]) of Gesu no Kiwami Otome. Gesu’s bassist, Kyujitsu Kacho (休日課長) [Twitter] has formed a new unit comprised of vocalist REIS [Twitter], and Gesu support member, Etsuko (えつこ) [Twitter]; who have just released their first EP titled DADAISM [iTunes JP].

Utsukushii Shiuchi (美しい仕打ち, which translates to “beautiful remedy“) is the second single, following IKITSUKUSHI (イキツクシ) [MV] released back in January. Both music videos were directed by MANI Kato (加藤マニ) [Twitter][ManiFilms], who presents a chessboard battle, which culminates in the embrace of the Queens.

You can follow DADARAY activities on their Twitter feed, and visit their Official Website.

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  1. April 17, 2017

    […] also just discovered DADARAY, Residente (otherwise known as the voice of Calle 13) released his new album [1]… and so did […]

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