Crowd Lu – Trust Myself

Crowd Lu is back nearly a year and a half since his stealth release of Natural High (天然的最好) [MV], which brought him back after his two-year military service [1]. His latest track titled Trust Myself (一定要相信自己), following the release of the Lyrics Video for 4.95m² Dream (一坪半) [LV], will be included in Crowd’s upcoming studio album What a Folk!!!!!! [iTunes] to be released on June 14th.

The song was produced by Zhong Chenghu (鍾成虎), who also is credited with composing the song alongside Cheer Chen and Crowd Lu. The lyrics were in charge of The Sea People (討海人). The video is just Crowd Lu walking around Taiwan with a selfie stick.

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  1. June 15, 2016

    […] which came out a month ago as a Lyrics Video, and now follows Lu’s latest for Trust Myself [MV]. There are no director credits, but the song was composed by Lu with lyrics by Yao Ruolong […]

  2. June 15, 2016

    […] que se estreno hace como un mes en formato Lyrics Video, y sigue el lanzamiento de Trust Myself [MV] hace unos días. No hay créditos de director, pero la canción fue compuesta por Lu con letras […]

  3. June 28, 2016

    […] his latest music video, Wedding Ring (結婚鑽戒), following the releases of Trust Myself [MV] and 4.95m² Dream [MV], from his latest album What a Folk!!!!!! [iTunes] which is already […]

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