Crowd Lu – Don’t Want to Go the Distance

Generally, Crowd Lu has always been able to make us smile even while dealing with more depressing subjects. In his previous album Seven Days we had a range of songs  that went from Oh Yeah!!! [MV], The Loneliest Time [MV], and I No [MV].

His latest album Slow Soul depresses me just a little bit. However, the newest music video for his song Don’t Want to Go the Distance (不想去远方) depresses me a lot more. Crowd Lu, strapped in an astronaut suit in the middle of space, gets sucked into a black hole.

Director: Keng-Ming Liu 劉耕名
Co-Director: Goo-Shun Wang 王谷神
Lead Compositor:Frank Lee 李文赫
D.P.: Han-Fang Pao 包涵方
Animator :Emilie Liu 劉欣蓓, Jenni Yang 楊又臻

You can check a YinYueTai version.

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