Concert Film Meets Fiction: Mayday 3DNA – OAOA (Now is Forever)

One of Taiwan’s biggest bands has just released their latest single, OAOA (Now is Forever) (OAOA(現在就是永遠)) to promote a very special project.

Mayday (五月天) will be releasing Mayday 3DNA on September 16. At first sight it looks like a regular concert film shot in 3D, with footage from different cities. However, Mayday 3DNA seems to be much more. The concert will be intertwined with a film starring Rene Liu and Richie Ren — with three storylines: one between a father and his daughter in Guangzhou, another about a Taiwan taxi driver and his passenger, and one about a Shanghai delivery boy.

The $3M USD concert film already has distribution plans for Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Australia.

You can check more of the film’s information on their Facebook Page.


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  1. amy says:

    I’m sure I’m totally overplaying this song to death, but I find the OAOAs in the chorus completely addictive. As idiotic as I first thought the title was.