Coley – Workaholic

And we’re back again with Coley’s first music video of the year — and one of my favorite cuts from his debut album. The clip for Workaholic is truly as magnificent and fun as any of the MVs the Philly entrepreneur has concocted, and he only seems to be getting better the more music he releases.

The video is another Dave Patten and Coley collaboration, and is just as deliciously tongue-in-cheek as the previous three MVs. It’s so overtly cliche that you can’t help but bust out in the most obnoxious laughter — chip bits and soda spraying all over the monitor and everything. I think this may have actually been what I had in mind the first time I heard that familiar bass bust through my earphones — cheesy, snarky, completely out of order and ridiculous. It’s got all the ingredients of an MTV-ready rap video: you’ve got your “whip” (in the form of a black rally sport Camaro), your video vixen (a doe-eyed, caramel-light female with relatively average proportions), and Coley, in all his white boy, Philly-swag glory. And the brilliant thing about it is Coley tries for all three minutes and forty-four seconds of the video to keep from bursting out in a fit of hooting laughter. This man… is perfection!

I can’t help it. I find Coley’s style and his wink-and-nudge delivery absolutely flawless. It’s as if he’s testing everyone to see if they’re in on the joke, and if they’re not he simply shrugs and throws a “Sorry, dawg” over his shoulder while walking away. I love this maniac!

You can download Coley’s debut, Coley For President, for free here.


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