Coheed And Cambria – Island

Coheed And Cambria releases a music video for Island, the third single and the first track from their eighth studio album The Color Before The Sun, which was released last year.

The music video features a romance between a Batman and a Superman cosplayer who meet one another while performing in Times Square.

For the video’s concept, frontman Claudio Sanchez stated the following.

“When I think of these two iconic characters, I think of opposite attraction. I think of myself and my wife. How two opposite ends of a spectrum can create harmony and balance. In one way or another, these characters have been paired up with like-minded love interests, the Bat and the Cat… The Alien and the Amazonian… I wanted to bring the Dark and the Light together.”

The band is currently touring across the USA promoting their latest album at the moment.

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  1. Jenna says:

    A bunch of my friends just went to see these guys in Minneapolis – but I was too busy with finals and SXSW prep to make it out to the show !!!

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