Christophe Maé – La Parisienne

Christophe Maé continues to promote his most recent album L’Attrape-Rêves [iTunes] with the release of the inverted music video La Parisienne, directed by Manu Coeman and John-John Goossens.

Production: Whatever Entertainment
Executive Production: Quad Productions

Producer: Karen Barel
Production Manager: Frédéric Benoit

Cinematography: Sacha Wiernik

Steadicam: Teva Vasseur

Sets by: Jerôme Daubel
Location Manager: Malik Brikat
Graffiti: Milan Quadens

Choreography: Joseph di Marco
Dancers: Joseph di Marco, Philippe Almeida, Kevin Messabeb, Abdoulaye Barry
Kid: Romeo Vullierme Foullier

Editing: Ben Baudson
Post-Production: Claire Prud’homme

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