Christophe Maé – Je Veux du Bonheur

Back in the days when I was a good student and was studying French, I discovered the awesome that was Christophe Maé with his album Mon Paradis (check out this fun live version of C’est ma Terre [1]). I was obsessed with the album, which was a good way to practice French, but eventually I lost interest in French music, films and television… I stopped studying French altogether.

Maé had released an acoustic album before he released his second studio album, On Trace la Route, in 2010. After three years, he’s back with his third studio album, Je Veux du Bonheur, titled just like the second single, following Tombé Sous le Charme [MV]. Like I told you, I had disconnected from my French world, so I wasn’t aware he had new music coming out at all. Tombé Sous le Charme might be even way more fun than Je Veux du Bonheur.

In this music video, he joins the videography of countless music videos based at the circus, directed by Tommy Pascal for Suburb Production. The shoot in Paris took 2 days, 40 people, 8 dancers, choreographer, makeup artists, stylists, etc.

Directed by Tommy Pascal
Photography by: Charle Sautreuil
steadycam by: Guillaume Quoilin
Choreography by: Emilie Capel
Production Design by: Franck Muller
Make up Artist: Simon Stromboni
Stylist: Aurelien Storny


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