Chris Lee – The Dancing Artist

After the release of her video Prologue, Chris Lee (Li Yuchun) asks herself why entertainers who dance can’t be considered artists and why singers who are considered artists can’t dance.

Her song, 会跳舞的文艺青年 (The Dancing Artist), poses the question:

Who says that artists cannot twirl?
Who says that twirls create circles?
Who says that circles must be boundaries and limits?
Who says that those who twirl cannot be artists?

The music video is directed by Taiwanese MV director Zhongping Huang (黄­中平) to convey the beauty and the freedom of the concept.

Li Yuchun has just recently signed back with EE-Media from Mainland China after her contract was up. She stated that her reason for her sticking with the company was, “As a mainland artist, I want to support the mainland industry, so I wanted to sign a mainland company. The company doesn’t have to have the best reputation, but one with potential and creativity. The company needs a brilliant leader. I also don’t just want a working environment, but more of a family.

There’s a YinYueTai version available.

Do you think she’s right?

What is your concept of artist?

What do you think of her reason for staying with her record company?

About the video: do you think it has a particular aesthetic?

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  1. ghost says:

    I disagree. I understand her, but everyone’s got their thing, you know? The thing they can do. If you can sing, you can be a little stiff… when you can dance, you probably need a little help with the vocals.

    If you happen to do both… and do them well, you’re an artist. Of course, that’s taking out the personality factor out of the question.

    About her deciding to stay with her record company, maybe even having better deals… I can admire that. People can criticize her dancing, her singing, etc. but they will never be able to think negatively of what she said about supporting a local entertainment company.

    Her video is very… Chinese/Taiwan eclectic.

    • amy says:

      @ghost, I don’t think personality does an artist… I think personality does the idol. And I think Chris Lee is a pretty commendable idol.

      Question… does anyone know why Cmusic MVs are weird? I mean, it’s this ethereal quality. I don’t see it in any other videos… sure you can see weird Japanese MVs, but they don’t have that quality of- It just makes you say “yes, this is a Chinese music video.” xD

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