Chris Lee – Cold Blade

This just shot to my “giddy-to-watch” list.

With lyrics by Vincent Fang and music by Jay Chou, Chris Lee delivers the song Cold Blade (刀锋偏冷) to promote her upcoming film The Guillotines (血滴子), which will be directed by Infernal Affairs director Andrew Lau. Opening in December 20th, the movie will also star Huang Xiaoming, Ethan Ruan, Shawn Yue, Jing Boran, and Wen Zhang.

In short, Chris Lee joins the little boys’ club. xD And seems like she’s going to be pretty rocking. I enjoy her singing career, but I really wouldn’t mind at all if she focused on her acting [1]. She once again joins Teddy Chan, who wrote the script for The Guillotines and directed her in her film debut Bodyguards and Assassins, back in 2009 for which she won a bunch of Newcomer awards :)

It seems like Andrew Law was also in charge of the added footage of this music video.

Arrangements: Chen Yong Jian (陳永健)
Produced by: Chan Kwong-wing



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