Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense MV

Brown Eyed Girls are back with the release of their first proper single, Sixth Sense, from their upcoming Volume 4 Sixth Sense — they first teased us with Hot Shot [MV] a few days ago.

In this fierce fashion meets V for Vendetta music video, directed by Hwang Soo Ah, the girls stand up against music oppression.

Hwang Soo Ah (황수아) has already worked with Brown Eyed Girls on several music videos including their 2008 hit Abracadabra [MV], Narsha’s Bbi Ri Bba Bba [MV], and won Best Music Video at the Melon Music Awards for GaIn’s Irreversible [MV]. She also recently directed BEG’s fellow label mates Sunny Hill’s Midnight Circus [MV].

There’s a 1080HD version available if the 720HD version isn’t enough.

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  1. ghost says:

    I think Hwang Soo Ah might get Best Director this year – stronger concept for Sixth Sense, and visual sense with Midnight Circus. Two of the best videos in Kpop this year. Unless… they go for the other Sunny Hill song Pray, which is also strong conceptually.

    • amy says:

      @ghost, that’s some good quality stuff from Loen entertainment. I mean, three really good quality music videos in a year is a lot, even though Sunny Hill hasn’t really been that much of a hit…

  2. Julili says:

    Woah. I like the route BEG are taking in their music/style development.
    I am pretty sure this song will grow on me. It is strong, angry. I don’t think I have ever heard BED sing this good.
    The MV? I am flabbergasted. This is one of the best Kpop MVs of the year for sure. I am so in awe with the styling, direction, plot. Shit, shit, shit I am shivering just from the awesome.

    • amy says:

      @Julili, half the mini is pretty cabaret-y, not in a punk cabaret way like Dresden Dolls, but in a going back to basics a la Christina Aguilera, but still sounding like Kpop. They sound good.

      • Julili says:

        @amy, juat heard the album. It is off the hook. I completely am in love with this song. I want to look up the lyrics but at the same time I don’t, you know what I mean?

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