Brown Eyed Girls – Brave New World + Warm Hole

Brown Eyed Girls are back — after what seems management shake-up [1], I didn’t follow — with a brand new album, brand new image and brand new sound with their first comeback single Brave New World (신세계), to promote their sixth studio album BASIC, which is just a few hours of being released if you’re in my side of the world.

I’m not in love with the song or the music video, even though it seems to have been directed by Hwang Soo-ah… but my Korean reading skills are my weakest. I’m much more excited, however, by the possibilities of a Brown Eyed Girls overseas expansion [1] — I mean, me and my friend were there for the Lunafly gig just to get a glimpse of JeA, even though we didn’t go to welcome her at the airport. I mean, we’re not teeny-boppers, right?

I’ve wanted BEG to expand overseas since Sixth Sense came out; alongside with Sound G as a ‘first’ album and Sixth Sense, they would’ve gone over that “second album bump,” but I’ll be game if they wanna work it from the ground up. I don’t even need them — I don’t need anyone — to sing in English. In fact, I’ll be even more happy if they do it in Korean.

Obsession [clip] slays, though. Sound and vocals.

Can’t wait for the whole track.

— Update —

Well, that was quick. So I’m just gonna dump all related music videos on here~

Here’s the video they got for the naughty track of the album~ Everyone’s wondering if the title is “Wormhole” instead, but I think they came up with the title Warm Hole (웜홀) first, and the Korean “womhol” is just the phonetic, which Google translates as “wormhole.”

This playful naughty side reminds me of Christina Aguilera’s Candyman [MV], which coincidentally also was a single from an album titled Back to Basics.


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