Breach – Jack

UK Ben Westbeech known simply as Breach has released the freakiest Uncle It meets Lady Gaga music video for his song, simply known as Jack.

The music video, directed by Sacred Egg for Riffraff Films, has a hair theme throughout — putting hair where there shouldn’t be hair and taking it out where it should be. Hair everywhere, shaking, swinging and dancing to the rhythm of the beat. If you don’t like hair, you probably should skip the video because it takes the term “hairography” to a whole new level.

You can check out more of Breach through Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

If you really must, you can get the single on iTunes, which includes remixes. People that like house and techno like remixes.

If you’d like to know how the made this music video, you can check some of the magic on the Riffraff Films’ Vimeo account.

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