Boni – One In A Million

Korean R&B crooner, Boni, has finally released her first full-length album, and One In A Million is fresh off the new compilation titled Love.

While the video is pretty simple and basic, I don’t mind that, because it allows the viewer to focus on the vocals – and with Boni, that’s what you want. Her powerful voice is full of soul and emotion, and you don’t need a bunch of weird concepts and visual distractions taking away from her vocal mastery. I am, however way over the blonde hair and blue eyes bit that every “trendy” lady in K-Pop seems to be doing lately. It’s not pretty on anyone, so please stop. (Boni has had blonde hair for awhile now, and it suits her, just give her back her natural eye color, please!) Also, what’s with the snake? There’s plenty going on here in the symbolism department, but I can’t figure out what it has to do with the song. I’m looking forward to listening to the album to see if little Ms. Boni has kept up her momentum from her first few EP releases.


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