Block B – Nillili Mambo

South Korean boy band Block B is back after ceasing activities due to some questionable TV behavior in Thailand with a new single called Nillili Mambo (닐리리 맘보) from their first full-length album Blockbuster.

The music video, directed by nobody-knows-and-they-don’t-care, follows the concept of modern-day pirates — but in reality… gangsters, because they’re like playing Mahjong and stuff — cocking their guns all Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp-like and getting the loot.

Member Zico is even sporting crazy dreads (from his Nanrina [MV] days) and a Marilyn Manson eye.

I’ll get back to you if I ever find the name of that director…

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  1. April 14, 2014

    […] some fist-pumping tracks like NanrinA (난리나) [MV] and Nillili Mambo (닐리리 맘보) [MV], I wouldn’t have denied that Block B was quite aggressive in its image, so they surprised […]

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