Big Bang – Monster

The latest release from Big Bang, Monster, is out to promote the re-release of the Alive album.

Dear Big Bang, please step back and take your seats. Try to get over yourselves a little and get back to reality. The fact that you are one of the biggest K-Pop acts has already been established. We know that you’re the cream of the crop and at the top of the heap and all that already, so for the love of all that’s holy, please stop dressing like crazy people.

The style used in this video is so over the top I swear that they used rejected ideas from Lady Gaga. Why does Taeyang look like a ram, and GD like a mushroom? I get that they’re talking about being a “monster” so that the stylists might have tried this concept for that reason, but someone should have put their foot down and said a big “hell no.”

Can we all go back and take a look at the video that got me into Big Bang? Lies was a beautiful video. It was equal parts story, dance, and fan service. That’s what fans deserve, something that makes sense, is cohesive, and still stylish, not stylized. So please, YG, next time you greenlight a Big Bang concept, take a moment to think of whether they deserve to look like idiots, or if you should leave them with just a touch of respectability.


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  1. Julyssa Diaz says:

    I mean… the video is kind of cool but there’s so much going on and then the editing gives me a headache and what the hell is Taeyang wearing?

    The song isn’t the best they have done. But after doing “Bad Boy”, yeah it will be hard to top that one off.

    What also makes me sad is that this video probably would’ve been one of my favs if it wasn’t so out there. I mean, I love my theatrics and cool costumes but this is just too much. Way too much. The hell BB, sometimes less is so much more…

    • amy says:

      @Julyssa Diaz, hahaha. I didn’t mind it much, but the handy shaky cam did give me a bit of a headache there. Things that made me lol was Daesung’s – what are they? Horns? Earrings? Earring-horns?

      Taeyang was Mirror-mirror’ed by Julia Roberts’ Evil Queen… and TOP………. TOP, he looks like Sasori-san on Love Exposure, and that is… hilarious. So hilarious. You gotta do yourself a favor, spare 4hrs of your life watch Love Exposure and then watch this video again. xD

  2. Jenna says:

    I agree about the song…it’s just neither here nor there, and the video over powered the song SO much I had to listen and not watch to hear it actually. But…the video had no cohesion. Like I couldn’t even begin to figure out what was really trying to be said with it and that’s what annoyed me the most. I can deal with some odd fashion and style, but when that’s all they seem to throw at me, it just becomes useless.

    The worst part to me, is that aside from my closest circle of K-Pop fans (here, and some friends on twitter) everyone thought it was fantastic. Like…are you blind? that was such a clusterfuck I can’t see how anyone liked it.

    • amy says:

      @Jenna, some of the comments in YinYueTai seem… to be a bit confused too. xD But I think it’s overall positive comments.

  3. Camiele says:

    I’m sorta on the fence about it. I actually don’t like the song at all. But I think the video is gorgeous… except for the random five second CGI, standing on a snow-covered mountain bit in the middle. It’s sorta the same issue I had with Tarantallegra… I really didn’t like the song, but that video had me REALLY excited… HaHa.

    The main problem I have with Monsteris that the video and the song just don’t match… at all. And old dude with an ice blond mushroom on his head… why did that happen?! I think the reason why I actually like the video… aside from the more random bits (i.e. snow-covered mountain and fighting mannequins… but why?), the style of it was beautiful. The costuming… yeah… awkward. But something about the over the top stylization works for me. It’s one of those things, like Jenna said, that you have to sort of just listen the song without the video to get the song and turn off the music in the background to appreciate the video.

    I don’t know, my favourite BB video is Love Song, and that was actually a very understated video. I generally like BB vids (though I’ve not seen tons of them, still new to their music, really). I think whoever has a hand in their concepts and then the direction therein is kind of a little bit brilliant. This video, I think, suffered from too many ideas at once with a very loose connection to the actual song. So many ideas went into the hat, and while I think most of them were coherent, there were just random bits that were unnecessary and then the costuming didn’t particularly help. So… yeah, as I said before I went on this “long for no reason” tyrade, I’m on the fence about this one.

    • amy says:

      @Camiele, hahaha – their best technical video was Love Song – though simple, it was very planned out. Julyssa HATES the song, though. At least that was her first impression of it.

      I actually don’t like much of Big Bang’s music – at the moment, I only have two of their tracks in my iPod. (Haru Haru, and Love Song (at a lowly 3 star xD)), I might add one or two more… but I honestly would prefer GD&TOP would come up with another album.

      Do you like the video for Tarantallegra… or do you just like to watch Junsu doing his dance in the video? xD

      • Camiele says:

        @amy, HAHAHAHA! I actually genuinely like the video for Tarantallegra. It’s the best I’ve seen him dance (not talking from a fangirly point of view, but genuinely it’s the shaprest I’ve seen his moves, the most technically complex… at times… that I’ve seen). I, contrary to many I guess, actually love how over the top it is. It’s definitely a bold statement. Many don’t seem to get it or desire to see Junsu in that light; however, I found the wildness of it intriguing. But, yeah, not at all a fan of the song… HaHa.

        I’m a fan of GD and T.O.P…. sometimes. I, too, only really know (and therefore appreciate) a couple of their songs, Love Song being one of them. Vocally, there isn’t a whole lot going on in that group — Taeyang being the best vocalist, while T.O.P.’s voice is just appealing because of its low timbre. GD’s just irrationally adorable and he’s another whom I’m willing to be relegated to fag-hag for… like really… HaHa.

        So… yeah, that’s my take on all that.

        • amy says:

          @Camiele, no way. Daesung is the best vocalist. I find Taeyang’s range a bit generic and stuck in that R&B range a little too much, while Daesung can move freely around the type of music he sings if he wanted to.

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