Big Bang – Love Song

Big Bang is back (again) and have released a music video for Love Song, one of the new additions to their fourth mini-album’s Special Edition. I was impressed by the artistic almost seamless one-shot of the entire video. Although I was a little confused. See why for yourself:

Is it an apocalypse? Did the world get destroyed by their hatred of this love song? Why does that car fall from the sky at the end? The world may never know, but it makes for a very “cool” Big Bang video, I suppose.


According to reports, this music video cost more than $200k USD and used equipment such as motion control cameras, cranes, flying cams, and steady cams in a seamless one-shot sequence — which is more like a two-shot.

It was directed by Han Samin.


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  1. amy says:

    This brings me once again to the issue… K-pop industry, why do you keep hiding the MV Director’s name? Just a few details in the description box in your YouTube upload, and you’d be perfect.

    I love the style and direction of the video to be honest. LOL I watched it more than I care to admit to track the camera movements, and to see where it cuts. xD

    • Julili says:

      @amy, Ikr? Lmao I wanna see where it goes from camera crane to flying cameras xD.
      Man it is so nicely done! Can u imagine how much that took to plan? lol

  2. Julili says:

    Yes Big Bang, I also hate this love song.
    Is it me or does this sound very U2? Looks that way as well? lol
    It’s different from what BB has sounded before, that’s for sure, but is it better? I’m not so sure

    • amy says:

      @Julili, also, they can’t dance. LOL – I mean, looks a bit sloppy specially with all the tracking they had to do.

      I dunno about the sound. They have the right to go into whatever direction they want… but you know I only liked Haru Haru, so I have no issues.

    • Rodrigo says:

      @Julili, I also noticed the U2 vibe on the song, reminded me of “With Or Without You”. I guess that maybe Big Bang are fans of U2 and with this song they wanted to pay tribute to Bono’s band, perhaps?

  3. Julili says:

    @Jenna I give credit where credit is due. Mirotic is great but Haru Haru is greater, there I said it! May the Cassies have my head on a silver platter.

  4. Agree with Julili. TVXQ is my life but Haru Haru is the best pop song of all time, much less 2008. And this music video was amazing. Props to Big Bang, they really brought it this time. Tonight was a joke in comparison.

  5. Castor says:

    Yea I hate this love song. This is like Backstreet Boys but gayer ;)

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