Big Bang – Loser/Bae Bae

So big boy group Big Bang (after all this whatever YG mumbo jumbo that I don’t know anything about) is back with not only one new song but TWO brand new singles for all tastes. First off on the timeline is the Kpop emo brokenhearted Loser, very reminiscent of Blue [MV] with all that strolling down American streets and boy feelings. What is all this swelling on my chest? Oh, it’s just the tears of my broken heart filling up the void.

Then, they must’ve smoked something or chewed some very funky magic mushrooms because Bae Bae — except for the possible White Fever, though I’m not entirely opposed to Asian men reclaiming their masculinity — is beyond Kpop weird with a jacked-up G-Dragon bouncing around mannequins and statues, Taeyang a step away from becoming Fabio riding on a horse and his flowy locks of hair, TOP as a Willy Wonka meets Tim Burton Batman villain hybrid, and… okay- Daesung and Seungri get the most normal end of the spectrum. xD

But then they danced on the moon!

If Big Bang continues on this direction, soon they’ll be singing something along the lines of “I am the walrus! Coo coo kachoo! Coo coo kachoo!

Both singles are part of Big Bang’s MADE series, which will have new songs dropping the 1st of every month until a full length in complete by September 1st.


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  1. hyucham says:

    KPop can use some diversity in my opinion (am a KPopper, but have seen too much of the same stuff). Some ‘I Am The Walrus’ to counter the generic and recycled songs and videos would be a sight/sound for sore eyes/ears.
    I am super excited for the coming months with BB. :)

    • amy says:

      At the speed of KPop releases and new groups, I’ve really lost track of it. BB is only one of the only groups I’m keeping track of xD But yeah, I enjoyed Bae Bae a bit more than Loser.

  1. July 1, 2015

    […] Bang is in the D lag of their MADE releases [1][2][3] with the release of Sober […]

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