Bibi Zhou – Two Traps

It’s been a while since my last BiBi music post [1], but she’s finally back with something I like— the song titled Two Traps (两陷, Liang Xian), which serves as the main theme of the upcoming Hong Kong movie Cold War 2 (寒戰 II) [Trailer], where BiBi is also starring.

The song was composed by BiBi herself, with lyrics by Sandee Chan~ the stylish video was directed by Han Ting (韩廷).


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  1. Carson says:

    Is there a link to download this song? I keep searching for this song but cant find it on Spotify or anywhere but YouTube. On Spotify it’s just Cantonese words. If it’s on Spotify what is the Chinese title? If anyone can help thanks!

    • Amy says:

      Hi, Carson. I did a quick search (I don’t have a Spotify account) and couldn’t find the song in either iTunes or KKBox (searched for the single and the Cold War 2 OST). It seems to only be available on Xiami (if you have an account, you can download from there). I’ve heard that US-based users may have trouble accessing Xiami for region restriction, so… you can search for 电影《寒战2》宣传推广曲 ~《两陷》~ 周笔畅 from XWill *cough*

      Hope that helps!

    • Amy says:

      Yeah, the audio in XWill’s YT is 320kbps and looks like a normal waveform.

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