Bibi Zhou – The Woman Next Door

Oh, hey, Bibi! Long time no see~

It’s been like a couple of years since BiBi’s released something new- in between? Concerts, lots of TV appearances [a relatively mid-length stay in the 2nd season of I Am a Singer], a couple of duets with EPIK HIGH, if I’m not mistaken… and lots of marathon running.

She released a mini in early June this year titled Roll My Eyes (翻白眼) [iTunes], followed by Roll My Eyes II (翻白眼 II) [iTunes] in July, and just launched  Roll My Eyes III (翻白眼 III) [iTunes], which has nothing to do with this video for the song The Woman Next Door (隔墙花), which was included in the first release of the year.

The song was written by Riley Lam (林若寧) with music by Dee Kwok (郭頂), and a music video by Chong Siu Wing (莊少榮) [1].

This song is one of my favorites, alongside Hermes (荷米斯). I can’t tell you about the third because iTunes is being uncooperative~

— EDIT December 9th, 2016 —

Alternative upload via YH Entertainment (乐华娱乐).


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  1. May 26, 2016

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