Bibi Zhou – Back in Time

BiBi is releasing the fourth of her singles from her album Black.Choice.White, a music video turned short film titled Back in Time (时光预言). The video follows BiBi in a heightened alternative reality where she, as a sound designer at the Super Girl contest (where she was discovered in real life), remembers the times where she had to face rejection from judges, from record company executives, and even the disapproval of her father.

There’s a YinYueTai version available that is much more crisp.

I have no idea who the director of the video is because I can’t make out the characters in the ending credits. However, if you have this information please, let me know.

I really think this is one of the better videos Bibi’s done. Maybe not so much technically, but the video means something. It’s a really nice throwback at her humble Super Girl beginnings, as well as her struggle to put her voice and her music out there. In the end, Back in Time ends up being quite inspiring. BiBi’s made it, and her “dream continues” (夢想在繼續), as she says.


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