Bi (Rain) – The Best Present

People in the comments were wondering who Bi (비) was— Bi, which means Rain, but since both Bi or Rain are literal SEO nightmares~ I’ve always liked to refer to him as Bi Rain when writing to avoid confusions.

Even though Bi had like a mini released just in 2014 [1], people were still wondering who he was; giving us all an insight on how fast the Kpop world moves. Someone had mentioned that they’ve known him since his breakthrough in Full House (풀하우스), which was a sensation back in 2004… over 12 years ago, which made me felt ancient. I remember someone— a school friend (with Korean friends) or a Korean roomate shared with me songs such as I Do [MV] and To You [clip], and -of course- there was Rainism [MV] and the whole 2008-2009 Kpop is my life thing. xD

He’s back with The Best Present (최고의 선물) — ah, I see what you did there~ — his trademark R&B-style produced by PSY; and MJ-like dancing and posing in a very simple, yet very interesting, music video directed by Lee Sang-Kyu (이상규) [1][2]— but, please, don’t quote me on this, my Korean reading is bad. xD And if you do, please, be a pal and let me know if what I read is correct.

There’s no info on whether he’s planning an album or mini release, or this will be just a single.

— FEB. 1st 2017 EDIT —


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