BackStreet Boys – In a World Like This MV

BackStreet Boys are back BACK. And I mean it because the group is back altogether with member Kevin Richardson since he left the group back in 2006. Since then, Brian, Nick, AJ and Howie released two albums (Unbreakable and This Is Us), but it’s also around the time they lost me and Kpop captured my attention.

Actually, This Is Us is the only BSB album I didn’t rush to buy and haven’t bought, but I did end up liking Bigger [MV] — because DUDE! Maid Cafes, Yakitori and Karaoke~ LOL

Anyway, Kevin came back last year in time for the group’s switch from Jive, the label they’ve been with since forever despite the RCA swallow up that ended up being BMG. Anyway, in the whole mumbo jumbo US music distribution system, they made their own company but are still somehow distributed by BMG. xD

Their latest official single is called In a World Like This, and had been previously released as a Lyrics Video alongside Permanent Stain [LV], which I thought was okayish. It’s pure Max Martin crack, and its as pure pop as you’ve ever experienced this past decade. But the music video directed by Don Tyler sold me the single. It’s simple- an array of couples experiencing key events like the moon landing, September 11, as well as the repel of Prop 8 in California yo!

I don’t mind people showing me some random LGBT moments, so this tiny bit at the end surprised me especially because it really is the cherry on top. It is THE happy moment of the video. Considering I always thought Kevin and Brian were pretty conservative, I was expecting any of this. But good.

BackStreet Boys’ 8th studio album In a World Like This will be out by the end of July.

The only one missing here, really, is a Nigel Dick music video. LOL


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