Amanda Palmer with The Grand Theft Orchestra – Do It with a Rockstar (Audio)

While doing our not-so-weekly Editors’ Chatroom, Julyssa and I talked about crowdsourcing and Amanda Palmer came up because she’s awesome like that. She’s already made over $700k USD and still has 10 days to go to continue raising funds to release her latest album with The Grand Theft Orchestra.

Of course, I already pledged money for that because I love the stuff she does (usually), so there’s not much risk. It’s a win-win for fans, really. After linking her backers with a free download link over the weekend, Palmer has released a “YouTube version” of the first single, Do It with a Rockstar.

Don’t worry, I’m aware this is not exactly a music video… but as lyric videos, I’m labeling videos that contain just audio in the same category. LOL

She’s got some serious goodies to give away to those pledging money… especially to those who pledge and are nearby any location she might visit — I’m partly jealous of those ;P

To quote Palmer:

Most importantly, in the words of AFP: “ENJOY this shit and PLAY IT LOUD LOUD LOUD. LOUD!!!!!

— EDIT —

The music video has been released.


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