ALLY & DIAZ – Candy

Under the pseudonym ALLY & DIAZ, Takeshi from rock group YamaArashi (山嵐) releases his self-produced debut album, Street of Genkidama. The album includes collaborations with musicians like AK-69, KOJIMA — also from YamaArashi — Kiyosaku from Mongol800, and 1KYU and SPOCK from N.C.B.B.

Candy was released as a three-part sequence during the month of October, beginning with Part 1 on October 10th, Part 2 on October 16th, and finishing with Part 3 on October 23rd, to finally be released as a whole on October 31st. The song features Takeshi alongside Mongol800’s Kiyosaku on a trippy hippy animation extravaganza.

You can get ALLY & DIAZ’ album Street of Genkidama on YesAsia.

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