Alice Nine – Blue Flame

Visual Kei group Alice Nine are back with Blue Flame. The MV to their very much awaited single (last A9 single was released last year) was released on April 28th.

I’m no expert when it comes to Visual Kei. All I know about Alice Nine is from what my friends say about them. They are a very devoted bunch and they like to discuss everything A9 related. I have been curious because of all the spazz my friends engage in.

I must say that I’m a little interested. But then again, I’m so damn picky when it comes to Jrock/Visual Kei. Since I started listening to Japanese music (back in 2007) two Jrock bands have caught my attention. I don’t know why that is… I like western rock fine. Anyway, this single is good. I like it and I like the way A9 look in it, all sexy and broody.

That A9 vocalist is so damn pretty! And his voice is so intriguing… I like it!


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