Ajia – Walking on the Moon

Also known as Acha Tsendep (阿佳组合), Ajia is a trio of Tibetan girls that got together in 2003 to create music in true pop girl group fashion. Formed by Tsewang Lhamo (泽旺娜姆), Karsang Dolma (尕让卓玛), and Yangjin Dolkar (央金卓嘎), they like a broad variety of genres from pop rock to techno and electronic.

The style of Ajia goes in hand with that emerging style of electronic music with fusion folk Chinese music that has arisen with the likes of Sa Dingding’s Harmony, Chang Shilei’s Niu China, and continues rising with Laure Shang’s Nightmare.

The video was directed by Yang Zhang (张洋), whose work with photography has been exhibit in China’s art galleries and Europe. Zhang previously worked with Ajia in their collaboration with Jackie Chan’s Love to Fly.

You can check a version of the video on YouTube.

You can listen to more of Ajia’s music on their MySpace China account, and follow them on Weibo.

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  1. Jenna says:

    Oh noes! missing video. :(

  2. Raul says:

    No hay nada que hacer, siempre me a gustado la musica asiatica y siempre me guiare por la musica que gira alrededor de uno

  1. July 29, 2012

    […] a little over +30 names xD and a little more of the faces, including a brief apperance by Ajia [1] and Li Yu Gang (李玉刚) whom… you know, you can’t totally tell from just the audio. […]

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