A-Mei Chang – My Most Beloved

A-Mei Chang’s latest album is set to be released next week. In the meantime, she releases the second single titled My Most Beloved (我最親愛的), after the release of What Time is it Already nearly two weeks ago.

The video was directed by Zhongping Huang (黃中平), a famous music video director who started out as a photographer and print designer before he had the chance to direct Faith Yang’s music video for Star-filled Day (星星堆滿天) in 1997.

His style is best described as simplified, devoid of a plot and mostly focused on style and composition, conveying emotions. His purpose is to sell the artist, sell the emotions, and let the fans into the context of the songs.

One of his most successful music videos was Mavis Fan’s I Want Us to Be Together (我要我們在一起), which positioned him as one of the leading music video directors in Taiwan. His work includes names like Jay Chou, Stefanie Sun, Mayday, Leehom Wang, JJ Lin, Bibi Zhou, Cheer Chen, and Faye Wong (Bu Liu, No Staying).

You can watch a collection of Zhongping Huang’s music videos and like his Unofficial Fan Page on Facebook.

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  1. amy says:

    Oh my GAWD. Zhong Ping Huang directed my favorite Faye Wong music video!?!?!?!? *Dies and goes research his videography*

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