2NE1 – Ugly

Following the release of Hate You [MV], South Korean girl-power group 2NE1 continues their streak of fabulous releases. This time around it’s the music video for their newest single Ugly.

The song in itself is catchy and melodious. A good song. But the video makes it so much better. Ugly puts forth the never-ending story of girls dealing with low self-esteem. Dressed in outrageous outfits, they seem to be fighting off the very words they’re singing. Breaking out of the cage, kicking insecurity in the face and spray painting the world with your own colors is what 2NE1 advises us with this empowering video.



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  1. amy says:

    Well, now Julyssa has somewhere to vent and not get marked as SPAM in AllKPop xD. And I have a place to say this… “Sandara, I see your Predator Yankee dreadlocks” – I read the translation of the song (which I don’t normally do with Kpop xD) and… it struck me as a little too “emo”, especially with the repeat of “i’m all alone”. But I like the contrast with the video.

    I don’t think anything in particular of the song or the video on their own, but I gotta admit they enhance each other together xD

    When they announced that this single was going to be called Ugly, I immediately thought of TLC’s Unpretty. The only difference is that without the MV, Ugly may be… misinterpreted.

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