2NE1 – Lonely

There is a rumor that 2NE1 is coming out with a new album this year. To keep the fans at bay, 2NE1 released the MV to their new digital single Lonely, directed by Han Samin — who directed Big Bang’s Love Song [MV].

Well, the song is good. It’s a freaking half-acoustic song! Perfect to go with the season right now. Also nice to see that 2NE1 don’t always have to be cool or funky. They are still keeping some surprises up their sleeves, that is always good.

My bet is that Amy is going to love this and that Julyssa is going to be all over the wall about it.

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  1. amy says:

    well played. well played.

    I do kinda like it a lot. Not in the – OMG, I’m obsessed with Clap your Hands way… but pretty good.

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