2NE1 – Can’t Nobody (English Version)

It’s Kpop in English!

Four-member group 2NE1 planned to take over the Japanese market with the English version of their Korean single Can’t Nobody. But due to the tragic events that happened and are happening in Japan, that has been postponed.

This single was released months ago, but the MV wasn’t uploaded to the 2NE1 official YouTube account until today. Kpop needs to be experienced in HD!

I enjoy the song in both Korean and English and I’m happy this English version exists, if anything it can make others listen to the music.

Thank god 2NE1 are better at singing in English then Big Bang :D


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  1. amy says:

    Okay, is it me or is the Korean version of the video much MUCH slicker than this? I don’t remember the monochrome shots of Bom in the Kr version, nor the CGI candy-colored snakes on Sandara’s head… and the flowing candy-colored silk. LOL

    I can’t really understand much of what they sing though xD but from the little I could get from CL’s rap… something like we’re coming to rock ya hahaha, it was cool. And Minzy’s wall-hump-dance still freaks me out…

    • ROXY says:

      @amy, The flowing candy-colored silk was there. The snakes not! Totally unnecesary. Bom’s monochrome shot I thought spiced it up a little in this version. When I saw the KR version I thought her meditating scene was a rupture in the flow of the vid. :/

  2. Jenna says:

    Dara’s hair freaked me out in this version. And Minzy is still too sexy for her own good. Maybe by the time YG decides to have them debut here in the US she’ll be legal and fans don’t have to feel conflicted about her anymore. xD I still wonder what this song would sound like if it were exactly the same but without the auto-tune. I think it would make it a favorite of mine instead of just a song I find catchy.

  3. ROXY says:

    I would marry all of 2NE1 *O*

    That aside! I love this song in English. The heavens know how much I’ve played upon replayed it in my car. How many times my sis and I have jammed to it and TRIED to learn the dance xDD We always do the “Can’t nobody, can’t nobody, can’t nobody holds down!” part with our arms in the car lol

    But really YG… I see what you did thur! I like that CL’s part with the Robots get a little more highlighted in this version. It’s very visually pleasing and I had no idea part of her hair was orange xD I’m not sure how I fell about the added Dara part here… that goth like, pyramid climbing scene… I love it and hate it at the same time. Can’t decide!!

    What I decidedly hate about this video is how little Minzy’s part were tweaked. I’m not digging the closeup of those ginormous, fake pony tails. Kinda reminds me of some Japanese fighting game character. Xiaoyu from Tekken anyone?

    • amy says:

      @ROXY, LOL Xiaoyu!

      I always said Minzy looks like the lovechild of G-Dragon and Daesung. But with the dark makeup and hair, I can also totally see TOP in there too. LOL

      I really think she’s the most talented, but she freaks me out so much.

  1. May 26, 2015

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